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Powerfoyle creates a material that harvests power from any light source, and Mayht creates a new type of speaker driver. Smash the two together and you’ve got a Bluetooth speaker that can keep going long after you’ve rattled through your favorite playlists. The two companies showed off its prototype at CES this year.

Mayht’s Heartmotion technology replaces conventional drivers to create speakers 10 times more compact, a lot flatter and lightweight to boot. The company promises that this level of magic is achieved without compromising on sound quality, range or output.

“While consumer electronics have grown more powerful and compact in recent years, the core speaker technology within has hardly evolved over the past 100 years,” says Mayht Chief Executive Mattias Scheek. “I truly believe our Heartmotion speaker technology is the revolution the industry has been dreaming of, but never thought possible. They will finally be able to create the sound experiences people want from everyday consumer electronics and automotive audio systems.”

In addition to fitting in a much smaller form factor with far lighter weight than conventional speaker technologies, the drivers require less power than comparable audio devices currently on the market offering similar performance. It’s a hell of a flex, then, to see the speaker tech married up with Exeger‘s Powerfoyle solar cell materials. These transform any type of indoor or outdoor light into energy. The solar-powered material can be used to create self-charging solar-powered products, and this prototype is one real-world example of how this tech might just show out there as a consumer product. Also at CES, Blue Tiger Headsets showed off its Solare, which is also powered by the same solar-charging tech.

Mayht’s lineup of speakers demoed at CES. The prototype of the portable speaker with “virtually endless” play time, using Exeger’s PowerFoyle solar power technology is on the far right. (Image Credits: Mayht)

“Exeger and Mayht have co-created an incredible product with the potential to change the way we listen to music,” comments CEO of Exeger, Giovanni Fili. “Together we are setting a new standard in the speaker market with an endless listening experience from amazing sounding speakers.”

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