TikTok’s Chris Olsen and Ian Paget Break Up After 2 Years

And less than four months ago the two celebrated their anniversary, commemorating the milestone on Instagram. “2 years of Chris & Ian,” Chris wrote at the time. “Happy anniversary, Ian.”

“2 years with my sweetheart. happy anniversary Christopher!” Ian echoed in his own post, both amassing thousands of likes. 

However, in recent weeks, they began making red carpet appearances without each other and were noticeably missing from each other’s Instagram posts. Eventually, some fans began to speculate about the possibility of a secret breakup. 

“So chris olsen and ian paget have obviously split up,” a Dec. 31 tweet read, “and i need them to tell me so i can deal with it.”

Their latest TikTok confirmed things are good between them: “When you break up but are still best friends,” it read.

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