Best ergonomic keyboard 2022: Work more comfortably

Ergonomic keyboards are a great addition to any home office or work space. Their unique designs help your hands and arms maintain more neutral, and comfortable, resting and typing positions to reduce muscle strain that can cause discomfort. Many ergonomic keyboards feature a raised arc design and a semi-split key layout which works with your body for better typing posture. Others have a split-body design that allows you to create more space between the keyboard halves for a custom configuration. Not all ergonomic keyboards are created equal, so what works for a co-worker or friend may not be all that comfortable or convenient for you. And some models have steep learning curves due to revamped designs that may feature thumb-cluster keys or odd layouts designed for speed as well as comfort. Below, you can find a list of the best ergonomic keyboards available along with a breakdown of core features like connectivity and system compatibility to help you find which is the right one for you.

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Best overall



Connectivity: Bluetooth | Configuration: Split, curved ergonomic | Compatibility: Windows, Mac, ChromeOS, Linux, Android, iOS | Power: 2 AA batteries | Mechanical: No | Size: Full size | 10 Key: Yes

The Logitech Ergo K860 is an almost perfect ergonomic keyboard. It features a curved and split keyboard configuration as well as a padded wrist rest and lift feet to help keep your arms, wrists, and shoulders better aligned for more comfortable typing. The lift feet angle the wrist rest upwards, as opposed to standard keyboards angling up the back, for more neutral arm placement to help reduce muscle strain during long-term typing. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac, ChromeOS, and Linux computers as well as Android and iOS mobile devices; and with Bluetooth connectivity, you won’t have to worry about tangling cables or cords cluttering your work space. You can connect the keyboard to up to three devices at once, which is perfect for multitasking and making presentations.


  • Wireless
  • Multi OS support
  • Full size


  • Not rechargeable
  • No mechanical keys

Best budget pick



Connectivity: Wired USB | Configuration: Split, curved ergonomic | Compatibility: Windows, Mac| Power: USB | Mechanical: No | Size: Full size | 10 Key: Yes

Making your workspace more comfortable doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune, and the Kensington Pro Fit ergonomic keyboard is a great option at an even better price. The split and curved configuration and wrist rest help reduce muscle strain, while the chiclet-style keys make typing quick and quiet; which is great for shared workspaces where loud, clacking keys can be a distraction. The keyboard is also spill-proof, so you won’t have to worry about water, soda, or coffee ruining your new keyboard. It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, so no matter what you use, you can plug in this keyboard and start working right away.


  • Quiet keys
  • Spill-proof
  • Windows and Mac compatible


  • Not backlit
  • No mobile or ChromeOS support

Best split design


Cloud Nine

Connectivity: Wired USB | Configuration: Split body ergonomic | Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux | Power: USB | Mechanical: Yes, Cherry MX Brown/Red/Blue | Size: Full size | 10 Key: Yes

While a single-piece keyboard with a curved key layout is all well and good, sometimes you need a bit more control over your ergonomic keyboard; enter: the Cloud Nine C989M. This keyboard features a split-body design, which means that it can break apart into two separate pieces so you can create a custom layout. Each half has lift feet for up to 7 degrees of tenting (where it tilts to the side rather than forward or backward), and you can place the halves up to 8 inches apart to work with your natural arm placement. 

The left-hand side has a media wheel for adjusting volume, dimming keyboard backlighting, or changing the lighting on your keyboard. It also features a USB passthrough for connecting other peripherals as well as Cherry MX mechanical switches for accuracy and durability; you can choose from Brown, Red, or Blue switches to suit your preferences. And while the plug-and-play functionality works with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, the software that allows you to set custom keybindings and RGB lighting schemes only works with Windows.


  • Mechanical switches
  • USB passthrough
  • Media wheel


  • Control software only works with Windows
  • Mechanical keys may be too distracting for shared workspaces

Best splurge



Connectivity: Wired USB | Configuration: Split, curved ergonomic | Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS | Power: USB | Mechanical: Yes, Cherry MX Brown | Size: Full size | 10 Key: No

The Kenesis Advantage 2 has a steep learning curve, as well as a steep price, but both are worth it for the investment in comfort and convenience, especially for programmers. Each half of the QWERTY keyboard is nestled into a concave niche and tented 20 degrees for a more natural wrist and forearm position. The thumb clusters move the tab, backspace, and enter keys away from the weaker pinky positions to stronger thumb reach to further reduce strain. It features Cherry MX Brown switches for typing accuracy and durability, the ability to re-map keys for custom layouts, on-the-fly macro recording, and Dvorak layout options. It also is compatible with Windows, Mac, Chrome, and Linux operating systems; just plug in the keyboard and start typing. 


  • QWERTY and Dvorak layouts
  • Key mapping
  • Macro recording
  • Mechanical switches


  • Very expensive
  • Steep learning curve

Best wireless ergonomic keyboard



Connectivity: Wireless USB dongle | Configuration: Curved ergonomic | Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS | Power: 4 AA batteries | Mechanical: No| Size: Full size | 10 Key: No

The Logitech MK570 is an affordable option if you’re looking for a wireless, ergonomic keyboard. The key layout is curved to follow the natural resting position of your hands, and the custioned rest takes the strain off of your wrists and forearms. It works with Windows, Mac, Linux, and ChromeOS computers and comes bundled with an optical, wireless mouse that runs on the same USB dongle; this means that you can keep your other USB ports free for other peripherals or external storage devices. The keyboard and mouse are powered by 2 AA batteries each, and you can get up to 3 years of use out of them before you need to change out batteries. The wireless connection is protected by 128-bit AES encryption, so you won’t have to worry about anyone spying on your keystrokes or hijacking your keyboard and mouse.


  • Encrypted connection
  • Long battery life
  • Multi-platform compatibility


  • Not rechargeable
  • Not arced or tented
  • Not Bluetooth

How did we choose these ergonomic keyboards?

Along with cost, I tried to pick ergonomic keyboards with different configurations and designs. Not all typing jobs are the same, so there isn’t a “universal” ergonomic keyboard configuration. Some products on this list have steep learning curves, but still offer long-term comfort. Others are budget friendly and have simpler designs that are best suited for home use where multiple people need to be able to type quickly and comfortably.

Which ergonomic keyboard is right for you?

Buying an ergonomic keyboard, or other ergonomic peripheral, is going to be like buying a new mattress or new pair of shoes: everyone’s preferences and needs are different. If you’re able, test out a model at a brick-and-mortar store or one that a friend or colleague uses to get an idea of how different it will be compared to a standard keyboard as well as what your particular needs will be. If you do long-term typing like news reporting or product reviews, you’ll want a sturdy keyboard with plenty of wrist and forearm support. If your job requires many different keyboard inputs, like coding and programming, you may want to spend the extra money on a keyboard that lets you configure the layout on-the-fly so you can switch tasks seamlessly and stay comfortable while doing so.

What does “ergonomic” mean?

If something says that it is “ergonomic,” that means it has been designed to work with your body’s natural movement and posture for enhanced comfort. Ergonomic keyboards often have either a sloped or split design, meant to work with the natural angle of your wrists and arms as you rest them on the desk to type.

Do ergonomic keyboards actually help?

While there haven’t been any studies that clearly show ergonomic keyboards and other devices prevent repetitive stress injuries or carpal tunnel, they can help improve comfort if you already have some sort of RSI. By working with the way your arms and wrists want to naturally rest on the desk, a sloped, split, or arced keyboard can help reduce muscle strain that can cause pain during long days at the office.

What is the correct typing posture?

While typing, even if it’s just for a short while, you should sit back fully in your chair. That means your hips should be all the way back in the seat, touching the upright portion of the chair, and your back and shoulders should also be pressed against the upright. Your arms shouldn’t be fully resting on the desk or keyboard, but sort of “floating” just above them; this feels really weird at first, but it allows your wrists to have a more natural arc that’s more comfortable in the long-term.

Are there other ergonomic keyboards worth considering?

There are plenty of options out there for ergonomic keyboards. Below is a list of more great choices if you’re looking to buy one for your traditional or home office setup.

  • Fellowes Microban

    – This ergonomic keyboard has an anti-microbial coating to help prevent the spread of germs in shared work spaces.

  • Microsoft Surface ergo keyboard

    – This wireless keyboard not only allows you to work more comfortably, it features a design that is perfect for integrating into your Surface device fleet.

  • iClever BK06

    – This is a foldable, wireless keyboard that opens on an angle for more comfortably typing even while away from the office.

  • ErgoDox EZ Original – This keyboard has a steep price and learning curve, but both are worth it for the almost unparalleled comfort and configuration options.

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