Best gaming chair 2022: A tier above the rest

Unfortunately, a good gaming chair isn’t going to dramatically improve your game scores. A quality gaming chair will improve your gaming experience, however, as gaming chairs have become more stylish, comfortable, and adaptable to your body’s needs.

As you’ll see below, gaming chairs truly come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on your specific gaming activity and habits, you may find a gaming chair for less than $200. On the other hand, if your tastes — and bank account — run in the other direction, you may find that a high-end gaming chair will cost you over $1,500. Cost doesn’t always reflect quality, so beware of purchasing a chair that’s flashy on paper but short on durability, support, and long-term comfort.

We believe the gaming chairs listed below will interest every gamer, from hobbyists to professionals.

A comfortable gaming chair for all users




  • Frame: Steel
  • Upholstery: Secretlab SoftWeave Plus Fabric or Secretlab Neo Hybrid Leatherette
  • Head pillow: Magnetic
  • Weight: 73.9 lbs (Small), 76.1 lbs (Regular), or 82.7 lbs (XL)
  • Recommended supported weight: 200 (Small), 220 (Regular), or 395 lbs (XL)
  • Warranty: Three years with the option to extend to five years

Founded in 2014, Secretlab has rapidly developed a reputation for quality, primarily as a result of its consistent use of top materials in gaming chair construction. The new TITAN Evo 2022 chair follows in this tradition and offers even greater durability and ergonomic support than its predecessors.

Secretlab stands by its quality with a somewhat common three-year warranty, which is extendable to five years with a $50 payment or by posting a picture of your new Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 on social media. Additionally, the TITAN Evo 2022 has attempted to broaden its reach by providing customers with the choice of three chair sizes: small, regular, and extra large. This is designed to simplify the selection process by eliminating the need to look at various models to find a good fit.

More: Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series full review

Certain upgrades from previous models are aimed to appeal to serious gamers. A minor curve added to the base is designed to help you maintain a healthy posture while seated. The new 4-way L-ADAPT lumbar support is built into the chair, allowing you to dial the lattice up, down, front, and back. Finally, the TITAN Evo 2022 is now covered in striking Neo Hybrid Leatherette, which is both appealing and what Secretlab says is 12 times more durable than the “Prime 2” material used in previous models.



Supreme material quality for long-term use

Pricier than most gaming chairs

Easy to assemble with all tools included

Faux leather can be damaged by pets

Comfortable with plenty of adjustable parts

Seat is not as soft as others on the list

A supportive chair for Razer fans




  • Frame: Steel
  • Upholstery: PVC leather
  • Recommended supported weight: 299 lbs (Standard)
  • Recommended height: 5’6″ to 6’2″
  • Warranty: Three years

Razer has established a loyal, worldwide following since its founding in 2005. Though headquartered in Irvine, California, Razer has a true global reach with regional headquarter offices in Hamburg, Shanghai, and Singapore. 

The Iskur gaming chair will certainly be a top choice for Razer fans. This gaming chair flaunts its style with Razer’s triple-headed snake logo and is geared toward serious gamers. But don’t let the stylish facade fool you; its polyurethane leather is meant to withstand wear and tear while also minimizing peeling.

There is nothing “cushy” about the Iskur. A firm, supportive seat cushion supports gamers, and the seat is angled on its sides and fits tightly to your hips to add even greater support. The wide armrests complete a racing cockpit feel that readies you for game after game.



Wider and better fitting seat than others 

Shorter users may find the higher headrest challenging 

Built for the long-term with comfort and support 

May become overly warm with lengthy use

Stylish racing cockpit design

Only one color option on Amazon

A strikingly-designed work and game chair




  • Frame: Steel
  • Upholstery: Stain-resistant 2.0 PU leather
  • Dimensions: 22.04 x 22.04 x 50.07 inches
  • Item weight: 46.2 lbs
  • Recommended supported weight: 330 lbs
  • Recommended height: 5’6″ to 6’1″
  • Warranty: Three years

The company’s wealth of prior experience designing and manufacturing ergonomically-focused office equipment was leveraged to enter the gaming world in 2015. As with E-WIN’s high-end office equipment, the E-WIN Championship Series chair is constructed with a heavy steel frame, a memory foam cushion, and quality leather upholstery. 

Adjustability is high on the Championship’s list of priorities, and the gaming chair features 4D armrests (so named because they readily adjust forward, backward, left, and right). The armrests also move up and down, and the entire chair will raise and lower to fit your needs. Because this gaming chair was born of office chair engineering, it’s not surprising that the Championship series will attract those who often work and game from the same chair. 



Racing chair aesthetic is bold and well-designed

Some limitations for taller users

Many options for adjusting the chair to meet user needs

Viewed as highly-priced by some 

Strong construction materials promote durability 

Chair can get warm with the lack of mesh

A dependable chair for taller figures


Anda Seat


  • Frame: Steel
  • Upholstery: AD Plus PVC Leather
  • Weight: 74.5 lbs
  • Recommended supported weight: 440 lbs
  • Recommended height: up to 6’10”
  • Warranty: Two years

The first thing you notice about the Anda Seat Kaiser 2 chair is its size. This chair is built for bigger gamers, and it can make some smaller gamers feel like they disappear into the chair. Supporting up to 440 lbs and heights approaching 7 feet, this gaming chair has specs that competitors simply can’t match.

The Kaiser 2 is so strong because it’s built upon a solid steel frame and employs oversized bars to support users. With this formidable foundation, there is little concern that the chair will tip or buckle — even when the seat back is reclined to 160 degrees, perhaps for an afternoon nap.

The Kaiser 2 employs a high-density shaping foam, designed to gradually mold to your body’s shape to provide maximum comfort over extended periods of time. From all reports, it succeeds.



High-quality construction

Won’t fit smaller gamers

Many ways to adjust the chair for greater comfort

The lumbar pillow can fall over unexpectedly 

Excellent weight limit

Some users report chair wobbling

The budget-conscious chair




  • Frame: Strong metal
  • Upholstery: PVC Leather
  • Dimensions: 20.86 x 21.26 x 48.82-51.97 inches
  • Recommended supported weight: 300 lbs
  • Warranty: One-year warranty; customers who purchase directly from GTRACING receive a two-year warranty

The sturdy metal frame on the Pro Series GT002 successfully provides a comfortable seated position for extended hours of work or gaming. The comfort level is further enhanced with a well-padded seat and back.

Like other gaming chairs reviewed here, the GT002 goes the extra mile to offer a number of valuable adjustable features: 360 degree swivel; 90 to 170 degree reclining and rocking; adjustable armrests and seat height; removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion for added support.

The high-quality PU leather upholstery and padded foam seat cushion add icing to the cake, making it an excellent choice for working, studying, or gaming. This stylish chair naturally fits in a home office or game room, and it won’t break your bank account.



Chair reclines more than most, up to 170 degrees

Armrests are stiff without as much padding as some competitors

Thick and well-padded seat cushion

Up to two years’ worth of warranty only if purchased directly from GTRACING

Reasonable pricing for so many features 

Some users report complaints about customer service

The best chair if you have the luxury


Herman Miller


  • Frame: Die-cast aluminum frame and five-star base
  • Upholstery: 100% polyester (tested for abrasion durability, seam strength, ultraviolet light resistance, color retention, and flame resistance)
  • Dimensions: 45 x 29.5 x 29 inches
  • Max supported weight: 300 lbs
  • Warranty: 12 years

This is the most expensive chair on our list by far. As a result, you’d expect the Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair to excel in all categories. Many gamers will likely shy away from the high price tag, but the Embody will not disappoint those willing to pay for luxury.

Herman Miller dug deep to explore the science behind building the most comfortable and supportive gaming chair possible. To this end, the company enlisted input from over 30 physicians and PhDs in ergonomics, biomechanics, vision science, and physical therapy. With this information, Herman Miller based the engineering and design on what happens to your body when you sit and focus upon a task for a long period of time.

Herman Miller brings all of its well established experience with office furniture design to bear on this gaming chair. Its many adjustment features built allow you to tweak every aspect of the Embody to support and fit your specific body type and range of motion. Though these adjustments require an attention to detail, the end result is near perfection. Users are able to mold their Embody to fit their bodies like a glove.



Engineered for maximum comfort

Far more expensive than other gaming chairs 

Attractive and sleek style

Some feel the style is bland for the price

Comes assembled with a 12-year warranty 

Armrests cannot be rotated

How did we choose these gaming chairs?

We researched dozens of manufacturers and specific chairs, running the gamut from the inexpensive (under $200) to the luxurious (over $1,500).

We narrowed down our choices to these six gaming chairs, which are fairly representative of the low-end, mid-range, and luxury markets. We carefully reviewed all specifications and focused on several key features, including the quality of materials and construction, adjustability for comfort and support, and styling. Of course, price was a major factor.

Which gaming chair is right for you?

Each of these six chairs will appeal to gamers looking for comfort and support, but the more expensive chairs are more adjustable to individual body size and motion habits. More adjustability usually means greater comfort.

There are also chairs on our list that will appeal to niche markets more than others. For example, the GTRACING Pro Series GT002 provides a good deal of bang for the buck and will appeal to budget-conscious gamers. On the other hand, the Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody chair will appeal to gamers unconcerned with price and looking for top of the line comfort, support, and luxury.

Are there alternatives worth considering?

There are many gaming chairs on the market, and compiling a “best” list is challenging. Here are a few gaming chairs that could have been among our selections as well:

  • NeueChair

    – The NeueChair is engineered to be the ultimate modern computer chair — fully ergonomic, intuitive to use, comfortable — with a stunning design, catering to any user who spends long hours seated.

  • noblechairs Hero

    – Developed in collaboration with e-sports professionals, the Hero’s backrest nestles into the natural curvature of your back and keeps you at peak performance. 

  • CORSAIR T3 Rush

    – The CORSAIR T3 Rush gaming chair combines racing-inspired design and contoured comfort with a soft cloth exterior, padded neck cushion, and memory foam lumbar support.

How long does a gaming chair last?

Your gaming chair’s longevity is going to depend on how it is cared for and how often it is used. With care, gaming chairs can last as long as five years. On average, gaming chairs typically last for two to three years.

Does a gaming chair make you play better?

A gaming chair can improve a gamer’s posture, reducing soreness, stiffness, and even pain. In this respect, improvements to how you feel as you focus on a game could potentially impact how well you play it.

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