Domino’s hoping to get your address right with new what3words location technology

Domino’s announced a new deal with British tech company what3words that will help them provide more accurate addresses to those delivering pizzas. 

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Domino’s said international franchisees using Domino’s Pizza Global Online Ordering (GOLO) platform will be able to opt-in to add a what3words address field at checkout.

When enabled, the company said that its system helps ensure deliveries can be made to the customer’s exact location. Delivery drivers often struggle with directions because many maps simply drop a pin into the center of a building and don’t offer instructions on where the entrances are. 

Traditional street addresses will not necessarily direct you to the front door, so what3words divided the world into a grid of 10ft squares and gave each a unique address made up of three words: a what3words address. 

The exact 10ft tile of the front door of what3words London HQ is at ///filled.count.soap, whereas ///usual.trying.highs will take you to an exact tile that offers the best view of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

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Domino’s said using the system would help them provide more accurate ETA’s, faster deliveries and no need for drivers to call customers. Domino’s ran pilot programs with what3words at franchises in the UK, North America and Saudi Arabia. Franchises are also urged to contact the DPZ GOLO team for help integrating the what3words system. 

“Wherever you live, hot pizza is so much better than cold pizza because the driver got lost finding your door. It’s really important that customers receive their order in good time, and drivers should be  able to navigate to their destination with ease,” said what3words CEO Chris Sheldrick. “We’re so excited to globally roll-out what3words to Domino’s international franchisees and customers.”

what3words was founded in 2013 and is free on iOS, Android or online. The company now has a staff of 100 people and raised more than $100 million from Intel, Aramex, Deutsche Bahn, Subaru and Sony Innovation Fund.

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