Erika Girardi Slams Lawsuit Claiming She “Aided & Abetted” Husband Tom

Erika Jayne‘s legal woes are far from over. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and her company, EJ Global, LLC, are now being named in a $2.1 million lawsuit that claims she “aided and abetted” her estranged husband Tom Girardi in his law firm Girardi & Keese’s alleged embezzlement activities, according to legal documents obtained by E! News. 

Jayne, meanwhile, is denying any wrongdoing via her attorney Evan Borges.

“The complaint is another misguided effort to blame Erika for the conduct of others in which she had no part,” Borges told E! News in a statement. “Erika has no law degree and never worked at or managed her former husband’s law firm. Whatever Mr. Girardi or others at his law firm did or said to the plaintiffs in this case, Erika had no knowledge or role in any of it.”

Borges said the “focus” should be on Girardi, his law firm and “anyone else who enabled what he did,” adding, “Piling on Erika may generate publicity, but it’s without any basis in law or fact.”

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