How Jamie Anderson’s Parents Could Push the Olympian to Gold Again

“To still be in the mix with girls that are legitimately half my age, I still feel really powerful and confident and healthy and I truly believe that’s a testament of taking care of myself over the last few years and really trying to nurture my physical body, my spirit, my emotional side,” the 31-year-old said. “The level of competition is way higher than it’s ever been. It could go any way, but I feel confident. I feel good.”

As a Fresh N’ Lean partner, Jamie has taken advantage of the prepared meal delivery service, especially when her schedule is jam-packed with practices. With health and nutrition being a big part of her training, the company has helped her maintain the diet she needs.

“I’ve always cared a lot about having wholesome food on the go and sometimes it’s not super easy to find whole food, organic foods, things that meet your dietary needs,” she said. “I have been loving the Fresh N’ Lean deliveries. I can order exactly what I’m looking for. They’re super easy to heat up and I know I’m eating fresh food for me.”

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