Retired Man City, Barcelona striker Sergio Aguero feels like his heart “doesn’t work properly”

Sergio Aguero is discussing the health scare which forced him to head into retirement at Barcelona, with the Manchester City legend admitting that he now feels as though his heart “doesn’t work properly”.

The Argentine frontman was one of the most fearsome finishers on the planet, with a record-setting goal return registered across 10 memorable years in English football. He remains the Premier League leader in career goals-per-minute, and helped Man City establish itself as one of the top clubs in modern world football.

He swapped the Etihad Stadium for Camp Nou as a free agent in the summer of 2021, but was taken to hospital in October after suffering discomfort in his chest and hung up his boots on December 15.

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Since retiring, Aguero has continued to feel the effects of the condition that pushed him out of the game.

What did Sergio Aguero say about his heart condition?

Aguero discussed his current quality of life after being forced to walk away from his profession as an athlete on live-streaming platform Twitch.

“If I try to play football-tennis now, I run out of breath when I want to sprint,” Aguero said  I just feel like my heart doesn’t work properly.”

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Aguero has been streaming on Twitch for a number of years, playing games like FIFA, Grand Theft Auto, and Fall Guys among others. He rarely discussed soccer while an active participant in the game, but after retirement he has opened up more while on his Twitch stream.

Why did Aguero retire?

The 33-year-old’s last competitive outing came in a meeting with Alaves on October 30, 2021. He was replaced in the 42nd minute of that contest after it became apparent that he was in no condition to continue.

Aguero made just five appearances for Barcelona following his high-profile switch from Man City, but he was left with no choice but to call time on a short stint in Catalonia.

He was eventually diagnosed with a cardiac arrhythmia and had to end his distinguished career that delivered 385 goals at club level – 260 of those for City – in 101 appearances. Aguero gathered Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup, Europa League and Copa America trophies alongside an Olympic goal medal at the 2008 Games in Beijing.

What else has Aguero said about the health scare?

Aguero has also spoken of how he initially thought a health scare could be shaken off, but he soon realized how severe the situation was.

“The first 15 days I had a terrible time,” Aguero said during a previous Twitch streaming session. “When it happened, I thought it was nothing and that I was going to be fine, but when I arrived in the hospital and they left me in a small room alone with a lot of monitors around me, I realized something was bad.

“And after two days hospitalized, I started to become nervous.”

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