See the RHOSLC Cast Find Out Mary Cosby’s Skipping the Reunion

Brace yourself for some unexpected Utah news.

Bravo is giving The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City fans an early look at the season two reunion.

The ladies have lots of ground to cover this time around, from Jen Shah‘s arrest to Lisa Barlow‘s hot mic moment, but before they can dive into any of the drama, they have to first address the obvious: Mary Cosby‘s absence, which host Andy Cohen describes as “disappointing” in the sneak peek.

“I spoke to her the other day,” Andy continues, providing additional context behind Mary’s decision to skip the reunion. “She was pretty upset about everyone speaking behind her back about her church.”

Though the Watch What Happens Live host says he encouraged Mary to show up to defend her church—which has long been the subject of speculation and at times referred to as “a cult”—Andy reveals that Mary was also “stunned” and “upset” with Whitney Rose calling her a “predator.”

Whitney, for her part, wishes Mary would’ve relayed this in person, adding, “I wish she was here, because I tried to have conversations with her throughout the season and she would not afford me the respect of a conversation.”

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