You Won’t Believe Much Tom Brady Made During His Football Career

In the game of football, it pays to play!

On Feb. 1, Tom Brady confirmed reports that he will be retiring from his NFL career after 22 seasons.

“I have always believed the sport of football is an ‘all-in’ proposition—if a 100% commitment isn’t there, you won’t succeed, and success is what I love so much about our game,” Tom shared in his Instagram post. “There is a physical, mental, and emotional challenge EVERY single day that has allowed me to maximize my highest potential. And I have tried my very best for these past 22 years. There are no shortcuts on the field or in life.”

“This is difficult to write, but here it goes,” he continued. “I am not going to make that competitive commitment anymore.”

Widely regarded as the greatest quarterback of all time, the 44-year-old athlete reportedly made $293 million with his playing contracts, according to Spotrac. In addition, Forbes estimates that Tom added more than $160 million with his endeavors off the football field including a podcast, fashion line and endorsements.

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