Captain Glenn Unpacks Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Huge Scare

If you’re still reeling from the latest episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, just know that Captain Glenn Shephard is too.

Viewers were hit with a “to be continued…” message on March 21 just as the crew began to realize that Parsifal III and everybody on board were in danger. Now, Capt. Glenn is looking back at what exactly went so wrong. 

“The whole thing was such a nightmare,” he exclusively tells E! News, explaining that the boat encountered a squall, a sudden storm that seems to come out of nowhere. Wind speeds ramped up extremely fast, and “the person who was supposed to be keeping an eye out [was] a massive disappointment,” Glenn said.

He’s talking about deckhand Tom Pearson, who was on anchor watch at the time, but rather than focus on his shortcomings, Capt. Glenn instead commended the rest of the crew for stepping up: “Everybody else pretty much—especially Gary [King] and Colin [Macrae]—did an amazing exemplary job.”

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