Craig Conover: Kristin Cavallari Summer House Drama Is “Unfair”

Lindsay, who also stars alongside Craig on Winter House, is “not in my life anymore,” he said. “Not based off that, I don’t hold a lot of grudges,” but because he’s “really happy in the place that I’m in and I really like to lift people up, so I’m never gonna actively go after someone or try to tear them down.” 

“It comes to a point where you have to cut people out of your life,” Craig added. 

His relationship with Paige, on the other hand, is doing great in spite of the drama currently playing out on Summer House (which was filmed last year). “We openly dated around until it just got to the point where, you know, you like one person so much that you don’t want to do that anymore,” Craig told E! News. The couple is now “having a lot of fun and spending more time with each other,” he added, “and just happy.” 

And while Craig does expect their on-screen relationship to be relatively drama-free for the rest of Summer House season six, he’s even more excited for Southern Charm to return. Paige is on the show “a decent amount,” he said, and “it was neat for her to come and see why Austen and I are as crazy as we are when we film other shows.”

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