Euphoria Star Dominic Fike Responds To Viral Finale Song

In a behind-the-scenes featurette, Euphoria composer Labrinth revealed that the song was actually written by him and Zendaya.

“Me and Zendaya were actually sitting in each other’s kind of spiritual energy and space,” he said. “And we’re getting to inspire each other to make something fresh.”

Dominic, who is actually singing and playing guitar in the show, was part of the collaborative process, as well. “Dominic came in and jumped on the score pieces we were working on and played some guitar, because he’s a great guitarist,” Labrinth said. “The cast is not just acting, they’re part of the music now.”

Per HBO, the season two finale of Euphoria was seen by 6.6 million viewers across all platforms, proving that whether you loved or hated the song, the music—and the memes— will live forever.

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