Love Is Blind’s Shake Debuts New Romance After Deepti Split

When one pod closes, another one opens.

While Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee didn’t exactly win over the hearts and minds of Love Is Blind viewers, the reality star appears to have found someone special nearly a year after the show wrapped filming. 

On March 17, Shake celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by going Instagram official with someone who appears to be his girlfriend.

“Good things come to those who don’t settle,” he wrote with the heart emoji as he shared a carousel of photos with a woman named Emily. In fact, one of the photos showed the Miami resident kissing Shake on the cheek during a visit to Chicago. 

While Shake turned off the comments on his post making it difficult to gather new information, the veterinarian, DJ and self-esteem coach made quite the splash on season two of Love Is Blind.

After meeting Deepti Vempati through the pods, Shake began developing feelings for the contestant. After having several deep conversations, he decided to propose.

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