Never Forget These Exes Who Once Attended the Oscars Together

Nothing like awards season to bring back haunting memories of former Hollywood lovebirds.

As excitement continues to build for the 2022 Oscars, pop culture fans are preparing for an unforgettable night of fashion, awards and A-list talent. While the awards are important and the speeches are inspiring, the Academy Awards obviously make for one very special date night too.

Over the years, countless presenters and nominees have invited their significant others to the party. And when looking back at past ceremonies, you may be surprised at all the exes who once attended the Oscars together. 

Back in 2009, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens made our Disney dreams come true when the early 2000’s “it” couple attended the show side by side. 

And who can forget when Brad Pitt celebrated the big night with Angelina Jolie in 2012? If that doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps the black dress, which infamously revealed her right leg, will jog your meme memory.

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