Nick Lachey Denies Getting Violent After Altercation With Paparazzi

Nick Lachey knows this isn’t his finest moment.

On March 28, TMZ posted video of the 98 Degrees singer involved in a tense altercation with a photographer.

In the footage, Nick appeared to reach inside a photographer’s car and try to snatch a phone from her hands. Then, the Love Is Blind co-host was seen flipping off members of the paparazzi as he walked to a Beverly Hills hotel with his wife, Vanessa Lachey, and another female friend.

Hours after the video was released, Nick admitted that he “overreacted.”

“Last night, after enjoying a great dinner with my wife and our dear friend, the paparazzi harassed us as we walked back to our hotel,” Nick wrote on Twitter. “I clearly overreacted. I’ve been in this game long enough to know that their antics are sadly part of the deal. Stupid of me. Done.”

He went on to warn his followers that everything you read isn’t an accurate description of what actually happened.

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