Regina Hall Reveals Whether Oscars Nominees Will Approve of Host Jokes

Here’s hoping that the 2022 Oscar nominees have a good sense of humor!

Regina Hall, Wanda Sykes and Amy Schumer are not entirely roasting this year’s nominees—at least, that’s what Regina says. When the co-host spoke to E! News’ Laverne Cox on the Dolby Theater red carpet, she teased, “Tonight is about fun, so anything we say is nothing that the people themselves won’t be able to laugh with.”

Though last year’s show, which took place at the Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles, was a more solemn occasion, this year promises to be filled with humor. “It’s been three years with no host,” Regina said, “we don’t want anybody to go home or have to flinch in their chair. We want everyone to laugh.”

And in a separate interview, Wanda added that they’ve done their due diligence to ensure the night is a success. “We have had a good time in rehearsals and we are working hard on it,” the Other Two star promised, “making sure that we give everyone a good show.”

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