Stephen Curry Suffers Sprained Foot After “Dangerous Play” in Game

Ouch! Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry is on the mend after colliding with Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart during a March 16 game.

During the second quarter, both players dove for a loose ball and Smart rolled on top of Curry’s leg. Though Curry walked off the court after the injury, an MRI later revealed he sprained his left foot period. The good news: the 34-year-old sustained no structural damage, sources told ESPN. Warriors coach Steve Kerr was seen yelling at Smart on the court after Curry was injured.

“I thought it was a dangerous play,” Kerr said at a press conference after the game, which the Celtics won 110-88. “I thought Marcus dove into Steph, and that’s what I was upset about. A lot of respect for Marcus. He’s a hell of a player, a gamer, a competitor. I coached him in the World Cup a few summers ago. We talked after the game and we’re good. But I thought it was a dangerous play.”

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