This Vitamin C Retinol Serum Has 5.3K+ Sephora “Loves” & It’s 50 Off

If you’re on the fence about shopping this deal, just check out the rave reviews from Sephora shoppers who adore this product.

A customer shared, “This is the best product I have ever put on my skin! I’m 22, and it completely got rid of my acne and brightened my skin. It does have a scent, but it doesn’t irritate my super sensitive skin so that’s helpful.”

Another gushed, “I LOVE this serum. I just turned 30 and have been struggling with noticeable creases/wrinkles and after using this for almost 2 months, not only are my wrinkles much less prominent, my skin tone and complexion have greatly improved. I get compliments all the time on how great my skin looks.”

Someone else explained, “This is the best serum i have ever used in my life!! To give you some background I have dry skin and rarely have breakouts. I usually get bad breakouts or dryness from using retinols but this one is perfectly formulated and never gives me that tight dry feeling. I use it morning and night and notice such a difference in the smoothness of my skin and the appearance of my pores. On days that i forget to use this my skin is noticeably less smooth. It’s expensiive but i have repurchased it 3 times now and definitely think it’s worth the $$!”

“Stops aging in its tracks! I’m starting to see aging with my skin. After starting this 2 weeks ago, I’m already seeing results with tightening the lines on my forehead and around my mouth. It’s a miracle worker in a bottle. I have very sensitive skin and it doesn’t irritate at all.”

Another shopper raved, “I have sensitive skin but figured I would try this. It made my skin look so much better after two uses! It brightened my skin overnight and I woke with my skin looking radiant and smoother.”


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