Find Out The Details of Emily VanCamp’s Return to The Resident

Emily VanCamp is scrubbing back into The Resident—but there’s a catch.

News of VanCamp’s return to the Fox medical drama is surprising considering that her character—spoiler alert!—died after being involved in a car crash in season four.

However, there’s no back-from-the-dead story line coming. Instead, VanCamp’s character, Nic, will be returning in flashback during the show’s season five finale on May 17.

The Resident co-showrunner Peter Elkoff says VanCamp will appear in “four, maybe five” scenes, as she helps Conrad (Matt Czuchry) move on from their relationship and urges him to explore a new one.

Wow, what a nice ghost!

“[Conrad] hasn’t been able to make a move and find that next love. He knows that he’s still stuck in the past, in a way, with Nic,” Elkoff told TVLine. “He realizes he has to unstick himself, and he doesn’t quite know how to do it. He gets some good advice about it.”

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