Not seeing iOS updates? Check these settings

Every time Apple releases a new iOS update, I get messages from readers saying that they can’t see the update. They’re frustrated because their buddies are getting an update, and they’re not, and they want in on the party.

There can be a few reasons why this might be happening, but it’s usually down to one setting that needs to be changed.

Here’s a big one: The iPhone has been set to get beta updates.

Yes, people who are impatient are usually so impatient that they’ve enrolled their iPhone in Apple’s iOS beta program.

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Yes, if your iPhone is enrolled in the beta program, you won’t get the final releases.

Here’s how to check if you’re iPhone is part of the beta program:

  • Tap to Settings, then go General > VPN & Device Management
  • Tap on iOS Beta Software Profile
  • Tap Remove Profile, then restart the iPhone

Yup, this fixes about 90% of problems associated with iOS updates not showing up.

But what if your iPhone is not enrolled in the beta program? Why is it not seeing new iOS updates?

Here are the steps I would take to fix this:

  • Check the time and date — if it’s wrong, the update may not appear.
  • Reboot — The simple fix for most problems.
  • Check your internet connection — No internet, no update.

If none of this works, then another option open to you is to connect your iPhone to a PC or Mac and run iTunes to download and install the update. This process takes longer, and the update package is much bigger, but it’s a way of getting an update if your iPhone (or iPad) doesn’t show it.

These simple tips fix a good 99% of all iOS update problems. If they didn’t fix your problem, you’ll need to see support from Apple.

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