Why Andrew Garfield Is Taking a Break From Acting

“It’s so fun and you get to hang out with people that you love and admire and you get to be a part of a conversation that is so privileged,” he said. “You get to experience all the firsthand, visceral [parts of] being a part of that community and the dynamics.” 

But have no fear, Garfield stans, there’s still new material from Andrew coming down the pipeline. 

The actor is set to star as devout detective Jeb Pyre, who searches for answers to a gruesome murder in a Mormon community in Under the Banner of Heaven, which airs on FX starting April 28. The series was adapted from a best-selling nonfiction book by Jon Krakauer.

“I thought it was just such an incredible study of fundamentalism leading to such horrific acts and how human beings can justify terrible violence in the name of God and love,” Andrew said about the show. “I found it really compelling and important.” 

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