Why Natasha Lyonne Wanted Annie Murphy On Russian Doll Season 2

It also didn’t hurt that Annie looked the part.

“Who wouldn’t want to be with Annie Murphy?,” Natasha said. “In the meantime, she looks like Jane Fonda or something in the ’70s. She looks great, she looks straight out of a [Martin] Scorsese movie. She was just terrific.”

The second season of Russian Doll takes place four years after the end of season one and features the return of Charlie BarnettChloë Sevigny and Greta Lee.

For Natasha, it was an opportunity to dive into themes that she’s been thinking about and wrestling with for years.

“I’ve spent a lot of time, obviously, in therapy and, in many ways, I’m curious about all these questions, about the nature of free will,” she shared. “I became really obsessed with this idea of ‘the arrow of time.’ The question of ‘Why is it that we can remember the past, but we can’t remember the future?’ Probably thanks to too many psychedelics in high school.”

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