Ewan McGregor Reacts to His Star Wars “Hello There” Meme

“I was like, ‘Oh, now I’ve got him,'” he joked about completing the move. “‘Now I’ve got Hayden.'”

The Star Wars franchise is all about father-son dynamics, something McGregor can relate to after the birth of his fifth child and first son, 11-month-old Laurie, in June 2021 with his wife, actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

“There’ll be lots of advice that I impart on my son, but it’s much more of an organic thing, isn’t it, when you’re parenting somebody,” he shared. “Obi-Wan has some great pearls of wisdom for Luke Skywalker, for instance. But, you know, I’m gonna know my son better than Obi-Wan knows Luke Skywalker. So, it’ll be different.”

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