Katie Meyer’s Family Plans to “Push for Change” After Her Suicide

Gina and Steve Meyer, parents of late Stanford soccer star Katie Meyer, want to do what they can to prevent other students from taking their own lives. 

On May 31, the Meyers and the parents of Arlana MillerMorgan Rodgers and Tyler Hilinski—student-athletes who also died by suicide—appeared on Today to remember their children and share an important message about asking for help. 

“The easy thing to do would be to stay home and cry all day,” Steve said, referencing why it’s important for them to be speaking out on the NBC show. “That’s the easy way. We have to step up and try to help in any way we can.”

On March 1, Katie died by suicide in her Stanford campus residence. Her parents believe she was “triggered” by an email she had received about facing punishment from the university for “defending a teammate on campus over an incident” prior to her death.

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