Miles Teller Hung Up the Phone on Top Gun Co-Star Tom Cruise

Who has the guts to hang up on a call with Tom Cruise? Miles Teller…but with good reason.

Teller talked about his friendship with his Top Gun: Maverick co-star on E! News’ Daily Pop, including how he ends up on lengthy phone chats with the action movie icon.

“When we first started getting going and as we developed a personal relationship outside of this filming, Tom told me, he said, ‘Miles, call me if you need anything,’ and he meant it,” the actor—who plays the son of Anthony Edwards‘ Nick “Goose” Bradshaw from the original 1896 film—told Daily Pop‘s Francesca Amiker. “And there’s been many times just in my life or career that I’ve called Tom for advice, and he answers every time.”

But sometimes, those chats turn into long conversations about the film industry, as Teller says that Cruise “loves making movies so much,” that he could keep him on the phone for hours on end.

Teller joked, “It’s like an hour and a half, two hours, I’m like, ‘Tom, I love you man. I gotta go.'”

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