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Kyiv rules out ceasefire or territorial concessions as Moscow hits military targets in Ukraine’s east and south.

  • Ukraine rules out a ceasefire or any territorial concessions to Moscow as Russia stepped up its attack in the country’s east and south.
  • Kyiv extends the period of martial law and general mobilisation in the country for an additional 90 days, until August 23.
  • Russian gas producer Gazprom says it has continued to supply gas to Europe through Ukraine.
  • African Union chief announces visits to Moscow, Kyiv
  • Polish leader visits Kyiv, lends support to Ukraine
  • Russia’s lead negotiator in peace talks with Ukraine says that Moscow was willing to resume negotiations, but that the ball was in Kyiv’s court.
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Here are the updates on Monday, May 23:

Ukraine parliament bans Russian war symbols

Ukraine’s parliament has banned the symbols “Z” and “V”, used by Russia’s military to promote its war in the country but agreed to President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s call to allow their use for educational or historic purposes.

Yaroslav Zheleznyak, an opposition member, announced the decision on the Telegram messaging app, saying 313 deputies had voted in favour in the 423-member Verkhovna Rada assembly.

Zelenskiy had vetoed an earlier version of the bill and called for the two symbols to be allowed in displays in museums, libraries, scientific works, re-enactments, textbooks and similar instances.

Neither of the two letters exists in the Russian alphabet. They have been widely used, particularly on Russian military vehicles and equipment, to promote the aims of the conflict.

Ukraine rejects concessions as Russians attack in east and south

Ukraine rules out a ceasefire or any territorial concessions to Moscow as Russia stepped up its attack in the eastern and southern parts of the country, pounding the Donbas and Mykolaiv regions with air strikes and artillery fire.

Kyiv’s stance has become increasingly uncompromising in recent weeks as Russia experienced military setbacks while Ukrainian officials grew worried they might be pressured to sacrifice land for a peace deal.

“The war must end with the complete restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty,” Andriy Yermak, Ukraine’s presidential chief of staff said in a Twitter post.

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