Watch the First 8 Minutes of Stranger Things Season 4

These 8 minutes will get you through the week, Stranger Things fans!

To build excitement for Stranger Things‘ May 27 premiere, Netflix dropped an 8-minute preview of the first episode of season four. The video starts in Sept. 1979, taking viewers back to the Hawkins National Laboratories, where Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) was raised alongside other gifted children.

The preview shows Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine) as he completes his morning ritual, before going to work at the labs. He takes another child, who has the number 010 tattooed on his wrist, to do some tests. During the session, 10 is asked to look for a Dr. Ellis, but when 10 finds them, he realizes that Six and the doctor are dead. 

In the next scene, Dr. Brenner lays on the floor, injured and reeling from the surprise attack. Besides him is 10, who is seemingly dead—and he’s not the only one. As Brenner walks through the now-destroyed lab, lights flicker on and off, revealing more bodies strewn across the hallways.

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