Jack Harlow Just Teased a Tour With This Rapper

This Jack Harlow tour would undoubtedly be the best he ever had. 

The rapper appeared on the June 8 episode of Daily Pop, and while answering E! News host Francesca Amiker‘s questions about his friendship with Drake—who he recently teamed up with on “Churchill Downs”—she made sure to ask the obvious: Would the pair ever embark on a joint tour? 

“Who knows? Anything’s possible,” Jack said during the exclusive interview. “I never try to put a chokehold on the future. All I know is I got a tour coming up this fall, it’s almost sold out. It’s me and the City Girls and I’m super excited about it. But after that, we’ll see what happens next.”

Jack later explained that he and Drake simply “clicked really quick.”

“We’re from different places,” he added of the Canadian rapper, “but we see the world in a lot of the same ways.”

Jack hails from Kentucky, and to this day, the state remains “part of my identity,” he said. So when the idea of a partnership with KFC came about, he jumped at the opportunity. “It came together pretty organically,” Jack explained. “Me being from Kentucky, they wanted to partner up and I said, ‘You know, something about this feels iconic, so I’m down.'”

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