Nicola Peltz Says Brooklyn Beckham Felt “Pressure” to Please People

However, as fate would have it, they stayed in touch and crossed paths again at a Halloween party two and a half year ago. “I can’t tell you what happened,” Nicola teased, “but from then on we were inseparable.”

The two became one when they tied the knot in an extravagant wedding on April 9. The nuptials⁠⁠—held at the Peltz family’s multi-million dollar estate in Palm Beach, Fla.⁠⁠—was attended by a plethora of stars including Venus and Serena Williams, who Nicola said were actually invited by her mom, model Claudia Heffner Peltz.

“It’s so random,” Nicola told Tatler with a laugh. “She ran into Venus and Serena at a charity event and told me, ‘I’ve invited them if they want to come.’ It’s so incredible⁠—those women are the most beautiful, successful icons ever.”

Looking back at the ceremony, Nicola called it “the best day.”

She added, “I just kept thinking, ‘I’m marrying my best friend.’ And that’s all that matters.”

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