The 5 best sports streaming services of 2022

When deciding which sports streaming service was the best overall, it was easy to decide that ESPN+ was the top choice. Not only is the platform backed by the biggest sports broadcasting group, it’s partnerships with an abundance of professional sports leagues set it apart from the competition.

Ultimately, you want to get the most amount of sports per dollar spent; FloSports gives you that. With the platform having various 24/7 shows, viewers are able to keep up with their favorite sport no matter the time.

Sometimes, the casual sports fan wants more than just athletics 24/7. If that’s the case, YouTubeTV is the right choice. The sports package is an add-on, but this platform allows you to stream the in-market games, and YouTubeTV gives you access to WatchESPN and the ability to watch on your mobile device.

NFL Sunday Ticket is an outlier in the sports streaming industry because of the focus on just one sports league. The hefty price tag is the one variable that pushes potential subscribers away, but due to the popularity of American football, the $293 yearly subscription is worth every penny.

Lastly, Hulu with Live TV is similar to YouTubeTV but presents much more streaming opportunities with ESPN+ and Disney+ included in the $69.99/mo subscription.

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