Why Chris Hemsworth’s New Role Isn’t Your Typical Villain

Chris Hemsworth is taking a walk on the dark side.

After playing memorable heroes in movies such as Extraction and as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the actor is excited to finally tap into his sinister side for the new Netflix movie Spiderhead, in which his character Steve runs a controversial penitentiary. (in other words, he gives inmates drugs to earn a reduced sentence.)

“It may be seen as sinister and manipulative, but he does believe he’s doing it for the betterment of mankind,” the 38-year-old exclusively told E! News’ Daily Pop June 17. “He does believe what he’s doing is just and noble and that left up to our own devices, we’ll destroy ourselves. So, he sees it as himself to play God and intervene.”

One of the film’s experiments conducted by Chris’ antagonist involves a drug that makes people fall madly in love with one another. But unlike his character, the star believes something like that is better left in fiction.

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