Design Students: The Microsoft Surface Pen dropped to $42

If you’re thinking about opting for a Microsoft Surface tablet, or you already have one and would like a replacement pen, the Microsoft Surface Pen is on sale for only $42 on Amazon.

The Surface Pen works with many different Microsoft products, including most of the company’s Surface Tablet line, some laptops, and more. For artistic folks, the pen comes with 4,096 pressure points to make sure that you get the most out of your sketching. The pen was designed to handle artistic shading, too, with a special tilt feature. You also won’t have to worry about lag or latency with this Surface Pen — simply start writing or sketching.

If you make a mistake, you can easily erase it with the rubber-like eraser at the end of the pen. On the other end of the pen, you’ll find a fine nib that, once you’ve worn it down after months of hard use, you can replace with a replacement nib. The pen also is powered by a single AAAA battery, which is also interchangeable when it dies.

This is one of the best styluses on the market. In fact, it’s on our list of the best stylus pens because it also has palm detection built into the software and magnetically attaches to your tablet for easy portability.  

The pen itself comes in three different colors: Ice Blue, Platinum, and Poppy Red. If you’re planning on picking it up, we recommend doing so today, as we don’t know how long this sale will last.

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