Ryan Gosling Shares What He Really Thinks About Chris Evans’ Mustache

Ryan Gosling is calling it like it is. 

The Notebook star was recently asked about a line in his new Netflix film The Gray Man where he mocks co-star Chris Evans‘ mustache, calling his facial hair a “trash ‘stache.” When The Hollywood Reporter asked Ryan for his real thoughts on Chris’ mustache during the July 13 world premiere in Hollywood, he simply replied, “Those were my real thoughts.”

In the Joe Russo and Anthony Russo-directed film, which premiered on the streaming platform July 22, Chris rocks a bushy handlebar mustache for his role of Lloyd Hansen, an ex-CIA agent doing everything in his power to kill his former colleague Court Gentry, played by Ryan. 

And while Ryan may have made his disdain for Chris’ mustache publicly known, he was not the only one who didn’t like it. “I feel better knowing Chris Evans had that mustache for a role and not because he thought it looked good,” tweeted one person, while another wrote, “im scared to watch the gray man bc of chris evans mustache.”

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