The 5 best Garmin watch models of 2022


  • Garmin’s lightest triathlon watch with full features 
  • Preloaded activity profiles for triathlon workouts
  • Training effect feedback,
  • Recovery time meter that accounts for your body and previous workouts
  • Garmin coach training features

Garmin designed the Forerunner 745 with triathlete workouts and competitions in mind. This watch has a remarkable lineup of features specifically geared towards this exercise style. And while it doesn’t support onboard map features, the Forerunner 745 does utilize multiple GPS protocols for higher accuracy and greater spread of usable terrain.

The Forerunner 745 has an extensive list of measurement tools and systems, including intensity minutes, running dynamics, heart rate, cycling power, training status, training load, performance condition, race predictor, V02 Max, recovery time, and training effect. This watch is the lightest Garmin model, with the sleekest form factor, to include all these features.

While the cost puts this Garmin into the upper-middle range of smartwatches, it offers the greatest array of triathlon-focused features in the slightest form of any Garmin watch. On top of its other Garmin features, its heavy focus on bicycling, running, and swimming are why we chose the Forerunner 745 as the ‘best for triathletes.’

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  • Extensive features for triathlon training that can carry into running, biking, or swimming
  • Multiple GPS protocols, allowing for more areas where the GPS will work with high accuracy
  • Animated on-screen workouts


  • Shorter battery life compared to some of the other Garmin watches
  • It does not support onboard maps
  • High price point

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