TikToker Julie Lorentzen Hospitalized During Honeymoon in Thailand

TikToker Julie Lorentzen has landed in the hospital amid her honeymoon.

Just a week after their seaside wedding in Thailand, the content creator and her partner Camilla found themselves putting their in sickness and in health vows to use. In a series of Instagram Story posts on July 13, Julie shared that she was admitted to a local medical center after experiencing pressure in her chest for days.

“woke up today feeling worse,” she wrote. “my face is also super puffy, my eyelids feel like they weigh a tonne, I’m bloated and IDK if dizzy is the right word but I feel like there’s a fog all over my head.”

In a follow-up, Julie continued, “admitted to the cardio center, done blood tests, echo, ecg & going to ct with contrast. they’ve put me on a monitor and i’m staying overnight.”

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