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Chris Billam-Smith admits that Isaac Chamberlain will present a style he has never faced before in a professional fight when the two box for the European and Commonwealth cruiserweight titles, live on Sky Sports this Saturday.

The two have locked horns before. At the start of Billam-Smith’s pro career they shared a ring for sessions of sparring.

“We sparred a long time ago,” Billam-Smith revealed. “In those first four months as a pro, we did about five rounds once and six another time I think. Good fighter, he’s got good variety, tough. Obviously he’s never been stopped or anything. Good punch variety, good speed. He’s definitely a solid, decent fighter.”

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Chris Billam-Smith will face Isaac Chamberlain live and exclusive on Sky Sports in Bournemouth on Saturday 30 July.

Both boxers have developed over the years following their sparring session. Chamberlain has changed coaches since then, linking up with Bobby Mills after a long period of gaining experience in gyms in Miami and America.

“He’s definitely a tricky customer. He’s got good fast hands. He’s got decent power. He’s got good variety in his shots, quite slick and it’s something I haven’t really seen so far in the pros. It’s another style to cross off and learn from, it’s definitely a tricky fight,” Billam-Smith told Sky Sports.

“He’s done six rounds since the [2018 Luke] Watkins fight so a bit of an unknown quantity.”

Billam-Smith however noted, “I give him zero chance of spoiling the party.”

“He’s a great fighter, great athlete, always comes in shape. He’s very, very serious. That’s how I have to take this fight. Very, very serious, I’m going to his backyard, I’m fighting for his titles,” Chamberlain said.

“He’s a great fighter. I want to have competitive fights. I think this is an amazing fight.”

Chris Billam-Smith vs Isaac Chamberlain
Chris Billam-Smith vs Isaac Chamberlain will be live on Sky Sports this Saturday.

However, there was a key witness to the iconic spar.

Richard Riakporhe, the rising cruiserweight who has boxed Billam-Smith in the past, was an interested observer.

“I have actually seen them spar,” he told Sky Sports. “From my memory I remember it was a very, very competitive spar. Very competitive. Chris Billam-Smith was having some successes as well as Isaac. They didn’t spar for too long.

“I’ll tell you this. That was one of those ones where everybody in the gym just stopped to watch. The spar going back and forth. Chris Billam-Smith coming quite aggressive. Isaac was using his skill, doing his shoulder roll, slipping, rolling. It was like a movie honestly.

“Very entertaining, that’s why I’m really looking forward to the fight, ” he concluded.

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