Ashley Greene Reveals Motherhood Lesson She’s Taken From Bella Swan

Reflecting on the Twilight films’ overwhelming popularity, Ashley recalled a point when she was having a hard time separating herself from the franchise.

“I went through kind of this post-Twilight moment where I questioned a lot of things,” she told the publication. “It was just an immense growing period of really kind of figuring out who I was and what I wanted.” 

Of course, Ashley went on to star in several other films, including Bombshell, Wrong Place and her latest movie The Immaculate Room.

But while Ashley has moved beyond Twilight, she couldn’t help but weigh in on the franchise’s most important debate: Is she Team Edward (Robert Pattinson) or Team Jacob (Taylor Lautner)?

“They both seem very intense for a 17-year-old relationship if I’m being honest,” Ashley told InStyle. Still, she noted she’s sticking with family and added, “I do think that it’s hard not to be Team Edward because I am a vampire myself. His intentions are always very good, so I’d probably still stick to Team Edward.”

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