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“Work smarter, not harder.” Of course, it’s easier said than done, but once in a while, a device comes along that really can change the way you work. Actually, make that two devices. You can now bundle the Mobile Pixels Duex Max with a Mini Mouse for 7% off. With this combo, you won’t just have an extra screen you can pair to most any device. You’ll also have an innovative way to interact with it.

First, let’s focus on the Duex Max. It’s a slim, portable monitor outputting to 1,920×1,080. It works terrifically with a laptop but can also be used with a range of devices, including an Android phone or even a Nintendo Switch. Just pair it via Bluetooth or USB-A or USB-C connections, and you’re ready to go.

The materials make it lightweight but surprisingly durable, and it comes with a fold-out kickstand so you can use it in any configuration. Its energy-efficient design lets you use it without putting undue strain on your battery, and the screen even has a special filter that reduces blue light emission.

The smaller but no less impressive part of this combo is the Mini Mouse. It’s a four-inch handheld thumbpad that you can connect wirelessly to your Duex Max and use it to scroll around. It has wireless capability and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, so it won’t be long before you use it on other devices. On top of that, the Mini Mouse also incorporates a laser pointer. Combine that with a slideshow projected onto the Duex Max, and you’ve got an impressive way to deliver presentations you can take anywhere.

Right now, you can get the Mobile Pixels Duex Max plus the Mini Mouse for $360.99, down from the previous sale price of $388.

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