Enjoy 35% off Linksys mesh, WiFi routers

Linksys is offering 35% off products in a site-wide sale including traditional WiFi and mesh routers. 

When you sign up with an internet service provider (ISP), the company will normally provide you with a router. However, they often leave a lot to be desired in terms of performance and connectivity — and so if you’re paying for a top-tier package, you will want a router able to handle traffic, and at speed. 

Many routers today are built with different uses in mind. For example, some WiFi routers might have dedicated channels for gamers, whereas mesh routers can be extended via ‘nodes’ to eradicate dark connectivity spots in your home and cope with large numbers of IoT device connections. 

Linksys has included both mesh and WiFi routers, as well as router extenders, in the company’s sales.

To take advantage of the site-wide sale, make sure you apply the coupon Back2School at checkout. Keep in mind that the Linksys sale will end on August 29, so take advantage of these deals while you can. 

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  • Current Price: $181 (with ecoupon)
  • Original Price: $279 

Our top pick is the Linksys Atlas 6. This router is a WiFi 6 device with mesh capabilities strong enough to cover 4000 sq. ft. While suitable for modern, large homes, the Atlas 6 could also suit a small business, with connection management for over 50 devices without bottlenecks through 160 MHz channels. You can expect speeds of up to 3.0Gbps. 

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  • Current Price: $194 (with ecoupon)
  • Original Price: $299

While the Hydra Pro 6 design is more traditional, its capabilities go beyond the typical routers offered by many ISPs. The dual-band WiFi 6 router (AX5400) offers 160 MHz channels, coverage of between 1,500 and 3,000 sq. ft, and speeds of up to 5,000+ Mbps on the 2.4 and 5GHz bands.

The Linksys Intelligent Mesh system allows users to increase their coverage by adding additional nodes to their home network. 

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  • Current Price: $129 (with ecoupon)
  • Original Price: $199

For a budget-friendly model, consider the Linksys Max-Stream. Now available for $129 with the ecoupon, this tri-band WiFi 5 router offers combined speeds of up to 2.2Gbps, intelligent mesh capabilities, and MU-MIMO technology to better manage multiple connections, streaming, and gaming. 

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  • Current Price: $259 (with ecoupon)
  • Original Price: $399

During the Linksys sale, you could also consider a Velop router. This WiFi 5 model, which comes in a three-pack, is a tri-band intelligent mesh system with coverage of up to 6,000 sq. ft.

The router also uses MU-MIMO technology to support multiple connections at the same time and is Apple HomeKit compatible. 

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