Need a password manager? NordPass is 34% off right now



We’ve all had that moment when we try to log into a website, and it turns out we forgot the password. Or, worse yet, Google flashes that dreaded notification that the password was compromised by hackers and recommends a password change. That’s where NordPass password manager comes in, and right now, you can get two years for only $47 – a savings of 34%.

NordPass aims to make sure that not only do you keep your passwords handy and available at all times, but they’re safe from hackers and other malware that can harm you. Firstly, it offers a master password, so any passwords you use for your favorite websites, you’ll have to get past this extra layer of protection in order to access your privacy.

Whenever you log into a new site, it will offer to save it for you and fill it in for future log-ins. The passwords sync across all devices and browsers, so you can log in on your favorite accounts on your laptop and then swap over to a tablet without having to enter your information again.

And, if your passwords get compromised from a breach on a site or some kind of malware, NordPass scans to ensure that you can change the compromised one efficiently and safely. When creating a new password, it will offer you the option to add numbers and symbols and even customize the length — because, as we all know, every password requirement is different, and NordPass wants to be your one-stop shop for all your passwords.

The deal just kicked off today and will last for a while, so if you want to try it 30-days with your money-back guarantee not out any money if you don’t like it. But rest assured, it’s such a great password manager that it made to our picks for password managers, so we think you’ll enjoy having peace of mind that your passwords are safe and secure, and you won’t have to try to remember them when you log in. Be sure to pick it up today for only $1.99/month or $47 per two years.

Otherwise, if you’re not 100% sure on the NordPass password manager and want to explore more options, be sure to check out our picks for best password managers.

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