Netflix Promises “More Diversity” for Virgin River Season 5

Virgin River is acknowledging its shortcomings. 

Jinny Howe, Netflix’s head of drama, recently admitted that “more diversity and inclusion” is a priority for the romantic drama. The series, which focuses on the ups and downs that underpin the small, titular town, has only few actors of color and recently introduced the show’s first LGBTQ+ characters in season four.

“Without getting specific, I will say that that continues to be a focus,” Howe said in an interview with Deadline Aug. 23. “Some of our early casting conversations for season five, I think it’s fair to say that that is going to continue to be a focus and something the audience will get to experience more in season five. It’s definitely a priority, and I think you will see, as we expand the Virgin River community, that there will be more diversity and inclusion.”

Virgin River stars Alexandra Breckenridge, Daniel Gillies and Martin Henderson, in addition to a large ensemble cast.

The popular drama is currently renewed through season five—but may go beyond that, with Howe, in the same interview, touting the show’s “longevity and growth.”

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