Rebecca Rittenhouse on Playing a Psychic in Maggie

E!: In the finale as we watch Maggie put aside her feelings to help Ben and Jessie get back together, did you feel like Maggie was self-sabotaging herself?

RR: No, it’s so much more complicated than that. In a way it’s easier for her to self-sacrifice than to say ‘No, I believe this, and I want this for myself.’ I think a lot of women do that. I know I’ve done that, where I’ve been like, ‘Oh well, I’ll let this boundary go because I know I can handle it and I don’t want to hurt this other person even if it’s a boundary that I really need to keep for myself.’ So, I think she just feels like she’s trying to do the right thing, even if it’s not in service of her.

E!: Would you want to see the future like Maggie?

RR: Absolutely not. I think that’s just a recipe for disaster.

I’ve learned a lot from Maggie—she doesn’t always see the whole picture. She thinks she sees one thing, but she doesn’t necessarily see what happens after that thing, right?

E!: So Maggie sees the future, but if you could travel back in time and spend a day in the life of anyone from history, who would it be and why?

RR: I’d love to be Catherine the Great. She was such a badass. Talk about being plopped down in totally foreign circumstances foreign circumstances and being incredibly smart and handling her s–t I mean, wow!

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