Samsung Watch 5 Pro deal: Get $60 gift card at Best Buy



Great news out there for fitness enthusiasts: You can officially pre-order its latest Smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro. If you’re looking for a great deal on this watch, check out Best Buy. Right now, when you pre-order to watch, you can get a $60 gift card with your purchase.

We covered Samsung’s announcement of the Galaxy Watch5 extensively last week at Samsung Unpacked. Whether you’re looking for the Watch5 or the Watch5 Pro, the deal extends to both of them. With the Watch5 you can expect a $40 gift card with purchase, whereas the Watch5 Pro will get the $60 gift card.

So what’s the difference between the Watch5 in the Watch5 Pro? In short, the Watch5 Pro is geared toward those who are in the rugged outdoors frequently. The durable titanium casing with a protruding bezel design and D-Buckle sport band make sure that it can handle even the heaviest of use. It can also download hiking and cycling trails, GPX, and Turn By Turn directions for training purposes. Plus, it comes with TrackBack to ensure that you can find your way back to your original cycling path if you miss a turn.

On the flip side, the Watch5 was designed for those that prefer to hit the gym rather than head to the great outdoors. You can expect Samsung’s signature BioActive Sensor that tracks Optical Heart Rate and Electrical Heart Signal. With the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis feature, you can rack heart rate, oxygen levels, body temperature, ECG, and even your stress levels. In addition to the features above, you can track your sleep cycles throughout the night, too, to see how much sleep you’re actually getting.

While pre-orders are officially underway, the Watch5 and Watch5 Pro release on August 26. With the Best Buy pre-order, you get the Watch plus the gift card at pickup or when it ships. If you trade in a qualifying device, you can get up to $175 in credit, too. Best Buy offers financing for $37.50 per month with 12-month financing, so if you want to watch but don’t want to pay the entire $449 price tag up front for the Watch5 Pro, you can. The Watch5 will cost you $279.

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