The 5 best cheap earbuds of 2022

Battery life: 10 hours, 44 with case | Noise canceling: No | Quick charging: No | Voice assistant: Yes | Connectivity: Bluetooth | Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS

Whether you have classes that last well into the evening or after-school clubs and activities, having earbuds that can keep up with you is important. The Push Active earbuds from Skullcandy have an excellent battery life, giving you up to 10 hours of playback on their own. And with the included charging case, you’ll get an additional 34 hours of use for a total of 44 hours of playback time. 

With the quick-charge feature, just 10 minutes of charging gives you up to 2 hours of use, allowing you to top up between classes or during a quick lunch. Using Bluetooth, you can connect the earbuds to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop for streaming videos and music, attending virtual classes, or making group video calls for projects. 

The earbuds feature an over-ear hook, which helps keep them in place. You can also connect the Push Active earbuds to a Tile tracker for precise location services in case they ever get lost or stolen. They’re even IP55 water resistant, so a little sweat or light rain won’t ruin them. 

When you use the Push Active earbuds with the companion Skullcandy iQ app, you can create custom equalizer settings for unique sound profiles. You can even set up voice controls for hands-free use of your smartphone’s features and apps.


  • 44-hour battery life
  • Tile tracking
  • Quick-charge feature
  • Voice controls


  • Voice controls require iQ app
  • Over-ear hook may not be comfortable for everyone

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