The Selling the O.C. Trailer Is Everything We Wanted and More

Selling Sunset may be the O.G., but it could never be the O.C.

Netflix released a trailer for Selling the O.C. Aug. 10, giving viewers a glimpse of the drama-filled spin-off. The preview hints at infidelity, backstabbing and plenty of outings to Orange County’s beaches. 

One storyline in particular is already turning heads—and not for a good reason. It seems that newcomer Kayla Cardona makes a pass at her colleague Tyler Stanaland, who is married to actress Brittany Snow. He tells others about the unwanted attention, saying, “She tried to kiss me.”

While he doesn’t name Kayla in the trailer, someone else does. Alexandra Hall says, “Kayla’s coming onto a coworker and a married man.” 

As Polly Brindle shouts, “Are you f–king kidding me?” Girl, we wish we were.

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