Xiaomi’s 34-inch Mi curved gaming monitor is $119 off

Xiaomi's 34-inch Mi curved gaming monitor is $119 off

If you’re headed back to school and want to take the gaming with you, a curved gaming monitor can provide a more immersive experience in your video games. You can get a Xiaomi 34-inch Mi curved gaming monitor for a fraction of the price of its competitors with their sky-high prices. This gaming monitor now costs $580, a savings of 17%.

The Xiaomi gaming monitor will give you 34 inches of immersive gameplay, with wide quad HD gameplay on the 178-degree curvature of the monitor. It’s a 21:9 ultrawide screen that has a refresh rate of 144Hz, so you can play your favorite games and enjoy a beautiful picture sans ghosting. You’ll get a 1500R for the screen curvature, too. 

Alternately, because of the HD screen, you can pair it with a Roku and stream your favorite shows in your dorm room with an ultrawide screen of top-notch quality. You can also go mad with power and use the screen to multitask by writing papers while streaming your favorite shows, too. 

You can adjust the height, or, if you’re staying at home for college, you can mount it to your wall to save space on your desk. 

You’ll have to use code ZDNET17 to get the $580 price tag and save 17% off the original $699 price, plus free shipping. If you want the $119 discount, we recommend purchasing it today so you can start enjoying your gaming at a lower price.

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