Elizabeth Allen-Dick Reveals Tearful Reaction to Santa Clause

After watching The Santa Clause for the first time, Elizabeth Allen-Dick needed some holiday cheer of her own.

The young actress, who made her television debut alongside dad Tim Allen in Disney+’s The Santa Clauses spinoff series, is sharing how she just couldn’t bare to watch the original film for the first time at age “five or six”—although the family now watches it every year as a holiday tradition. 

“I did start crying when I saw him on the screen,” she exclusively told E! News. “Still can’t explain it to this day. Don’t know why. I think it was because of him leaving Charlie and just so many emotions in that movie. But I could not see him onscreen.”

Allen-Dick, 13, went on to explain that during that first viewing, the family even had to turn the movie off because she was “bawling my eyes out throughout the entire time.” Clearly, it wasn’t exactly the season to be jolly. 

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