Here’s How the Orange Is the New Black Cast Keeps In Touch

Lopez vs. Lopez New NBC Show – Exclusive

Selenis Leyva is remembering her roots.

The actress is dealing with a whole lot of family drama on NBC’s newest sitcom, Lopez Vs. Lopez. But she isn’t forgetting about her original Orange Is the New Black family, either. 

“I think that we will forever have a bond no matter where we go,” Leyva exclusively told E! News at the Lopez Vs. Lopez premiere Nov. 3. “Life has taken us in many directions. We’re all everywhere but we still connect. People are getting married, people are having babies, photos are being exchanged. We have our private little gallery! It’s sweet.”

Leyva explained that cast is especially bonded because of the wild popularity of Orange Is the New Black, which ended in 2019 after seven seasons and 16 Emmy nominations. 

“What can follow sometimes isn’t always success when you hit such an amazing, lottery of all lotteries—Orange is the New Black on Netflix,” she noted. “But here I am on NBC! Hello!”

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