Theragun deal: Save $100 on a massage gun for Black Friday 2022

A black Theragun Prime handheld massager


If you’re hunching over a desk all day, odds are you may suffer from neck or back pain — I know from experience. While we would all love to go see a masseuse every day, for most that’s neither sustainable or practical. Therabody’s Theragun Prime massage gun, however, gives you the power to effectively massage your neck knots while you’re even slouching at your desk. 

Coming with four different attachments and offering five speeds for deep tissue muscle relief, Theragun’s Prime handheld device is typically available for the price of about three message appointments, at $299. During Black Firday, however, you can score the handheld massager for $198

With Theragun’s Bluetooth-enabled massage gun, you can relieve tension wherever and whenever — from your couch or at your desk. Theragun’s app lets you control the gun’s speed and pressure so you can dictate where you need the most work. 

Therabody promises quiet sound insulation as its handheld guns vibrate, so it won’t sound like you’re taking a jackhammer to your shoulder. 

Ensuring that your hand doesn’t need a massage after holding the handgun to give the rest of your problem areas attention, the Theragun Prime has an ergonomic triangle handle, engineered to take pressure off your hand and wrist. And its Percussive Therapy treatment goes deep into the muscle in a low-impact way, so you shouldn’t be even more sore after using the gun. 

Whether this is your first massage gun purchase or an upgrade, know you don’t have to be an avid athlete or gym rat to potentially enjoy it. If you’re in the market for a stress or tension reliever that fits in your hand, maybe this Prime Early Access Sale is the best time to try Theragun’s Prime. 

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